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Helping Computer Technicians Become Computer Business Owners

12/15/2014 07:16 AM
Foner Books’ Computer Repair Flowcharts

As far as visual aids in troubleshooting repairs goes, one of the best visual aids is the flowchart, and in the computer repair industry that holds true as well. It’s easier to follow a simple thread from the top down to the bottom than to go from paragraph to paragraph …

Source: Foner Books’ Computer Repair Flowcharts - Technibble

12/03/2014 10:37 AM
Avoid Missed Client Appointments with Apptoto

If your clients are anything like mine they often forget their appointments. Sometimes they’ll blame us for recording incorrect information. Other times they’ll just forget to write it down or check their calendar. No-shows or “sites not ready” cost us all money. Apptoto is a cost-effective solution for computer repair …

Source: Avoid Missed Client Appointments with Apptoto - Technibble

11/25/2014 11:21 PM
Online Backup Services Comparison for You & Your Clients

An online backup services comparison usually focus on which service is best.  The services are a popular way of protecting client data. The backups are automatic and off-site, giving your clients peace of mind in case of disaster. If you’re suggesting these services, you have to look at what’s best …

Source: Online Backup Services Comparison for You & Your Clients - Technibble

11/23/2014 08:13 AM
Survey Competition Winner And Some Discounts Too!

We got a massive amount of feedback from our readers, more than in any past survey which is pretty amazing. Our readers asked many great questions which is going to become our writers topic list for quite some time. It gave us a few things to look at that we …

Source: Survey Competition Winner And Some Discounts Too! - Technibble

11/17/2014 03:53 AM
Moving Your Computer Repair Business Out of The House

Many of you started your computer repair business as a home based company. You don’t pay extra rent and you aren’t committed to a lease. At some point, you might consider moving out of the house and into another location. Although many owners think that means a retail shop, you …

Source: Moving Your Computer Repair Business Out of The House - Technibble

11/12/2014 09:06 AM
Technibble Reader Survey Competition – Win Computer Business Books & Software

  Fill out our short survey and be in the running to win computer business books and software! I would love to ask you a couple of questions about what you are interested in seeing here on Technibble and what your main pain points are. We ask so we can …

Source: Technibble Reader Survey Competition – Win Computer Business Books & Software - Technibble

11/06/2014 12:27 AM
Certifications vs Experience in the Tech Industry

Are you hiring a new technician or looking for more technicians in your company? Or are you an unemployed technician looking for work? Maybe you’re a self employed technician and you’re wondering whether or not you should go get certifications or not, to either impress clients or maybe increase your …

Source: Certifications vs Experience in the Tech Industry - Technibble

10/27/2014 07:49 PM
10 Things to Do With Your Computer Repair Business During Slow Times

We all have our slow times in the computer repair business. This phenomenon affects both break-fix and managed service business models. Create a strong plan in advance of your slow period so you can grow your business during this down time. Here’s a top 10 list of things I and …

Source: 10 Things to Do With Your Computer Repair Business During Slow Times - Technibble

10/20/2014 09:42 PM
Keep up with Tech Developments as a Computer Technician

A long time ago I asked a fellow technician how he kept up with Tech developments. He always had the news on the latest and best utilities, useful apps, and tweaks and tricks for tuning operating systems. His answer? Actually, he mentioned the articles here at Technibble as his primary …

Source: Keep up with Tech Developments as a Computer Technician - Technibble

10/16/2014 11:19 PM
Podcast: Phases of a Computer Business and the Danger of Expanding Too Quickly with Lisa Hendrickson

  I got a chance to interview Lisa Hendrickson from “Call That Girl”. I find Lisas story incredibly interesting because she has been through most phases a computer repair business can go through. She started out working for someone else and doing computer repair on the side before eventually making …

Source: Podcast: Phases of a Computer Business and the Danger of Expanding Too Quickly with Lisa Hendrickson - Technibble


12/18/2014 09:51 AM
Keep encrypted files encrypted when you back them up to the cloud

After reading my article on encrypting sensitive data, Ian Cooper asked if it was safe "to use one of these encryption tools in conjunction with an online backup service?"

In that previous article, I discussed two separate ways to encrypt a folder filled with sensitive files: Windows own Encrypted File System (EFS) and VeraCrypt, a free, open-source fork of the well-remembered TrueCrypt. This time around, I'll look at how files encrypted with either of these work with two popular online backup services, Mozy and Carbonite.

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12/18/2014 09:46 AM
Valve's Steam Controller looks less revolutionary with every redesign

I don't know whether to be disappointed with Valve or disappointed with us, the collective group of game enthusiasts who are unwilling to change old habits. There was a time when the Steam Controller was going to be really bizarre (see art above): Zero analog sticks, four buttons arranged around a massive touchscreen that would help simulate the rest of the keyboard, and two enormous touchpads for camera control and movement.

And we reacted with confusion. "Bizarre," we said, "but I guess I'll give it a shot." Then some of us gave it a shot and were all, "Well, I guess it's okay. I just don't think I'd ever use one instead of an Xbox 360 controller."

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12/18/2014 09:21 AM
Nearly half a million people use the Windows 10 Tech Preview every day

Microsoft says that more than 1.5 million people have signed up for the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and they're using it more actively than any previous Windows test build.

After two months, the Technical Preview has roughly 450,000 highly active users who access the operating system every day. The average user spends around two hours per day in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, compared to roughly one hour for the Windows 7 Beta at a similar stage in its development.

Its terrific for us to see this, because that hardcore usage will help us fix all the rough edges and bugs, Gabriel Aul, an engineering general manager at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post. Along that line, Aul said Microsoft has fixed nearly 1,300 bugs due to user comments and automated reporting.

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12/18/2014 09:05 AM
U.S.-Cuba breakthrough is no slam dunk for Internet

The Obama administrations historic move to restore ties between the U.S. and Cuba may eventually put more Cubans online, but the future of the Internet there is likely to depend more on domestic policies than on imported goods and services.

As President Obama announced steps to lower barriers between the U.S. and Cuba after more than 50 years, he said the strict U.S. laws designed to isolate Cuba have contributed to the islands isolation from the Internet. The policy changes he ordered on Wednesday included allowing companies to export communications gear and set up infrastructure for networks in Cuba.

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12/18/2014 09:01 AM
LG preps webOS 4K TVs with souped-up performance

LG Electronics upcoming smart TVs will run an upgraded version of webOS that promises better performance and more customization.

The TVs will be launched at the International CES trade show in Las Vegas next month. The improvements on webOS 2.0 include better boot times and faster access to content. For example, when switching from the home screen to YouTube users will see an improvement in loading time of up to 70 percent, LG said without revealing how many seconds it would take.

New features let users access favorite channels faster than before from the main menu and adjust their TV without interrupting the program theyre watching.

WebOS has hopefully found a more stable home at LG, after the company bought the OS from Hewlett-Packard in the beginning of 2013. The OS celebrated its fifth birthday this year, after first being used on Palms smartphones.

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12/18/2014 08:55 AM
Microsoft stops offering alternative browsers to Windows users in Europe

Microsoft has retired the browser choice screen it agreed to show new Windows users in the European Union as part of an antitrust settlement.

For five years it showed the screen to new Windows users in a 2009 settlement of an antitrust case in which the European Commission found it had exploited its dominant position in the operating system market to push its own Internet Explorer browser.

The choice screenat until Wednesdayis now gone, and in its place is a message from Microsoft: The obligations imposed by the decision have now expired and Microsoft will no longer maintain this website. Microsoft encourages customers who want more information about web browsers or want to download another browser to do so by visiting the websites of web browser vendors directly.

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12/18/2014 08:45 AM
Plex media streaming app arrives on PlayStation 3 and 4, U.S. launch slightly delayed

Plex landed on the Xbox One in October, and now it's time for the popular media streaming platform to come to the PlayStation 3 and 4. Rejoice Plex fans! ...If you live in Europe or Asia, that is, since Plex hasn't hit PlayStation consoles in the U.S. just yet. Plex says the new PlayStation app will launch stateside soon, but there's no firm date right now.

The impact on you at home:With the launch of these new apps, Plex users that already have a PlayStation 4 at home don't have to worry about adding another device to their television to access their home media library. But the PlayStation Plex apps will come with restricted functionality at launch: The new feature only works with video from your library only. Other media such as music, photos, and Plex channels will roll out in the future.

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12/18/2014 08:25 AM
Amazon Prime Now delivers your order in an hour, but only in Manhattan for now

12/18/2014 08:25 AM
Amazon promises one-hour delivery in Manhattan, more locations on the way
The super-fast shipping costs $7.99, while people willing to wait another hour won't have to pay extra

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12/18/2014 07:56 AM
Hands-on with Evolve's singleplayer mode and terrifying third monster

I feel like by now everyone and their grandmother has played Evolve, 2K's upcoming four-versus-one monster hunting game. It certainly feels that way, especially with how many people jumped into the alpha last month.

But 2K had a few last things to show off prior to the game's February 2015 launchnamely, a third monster and an entire singleplayer mode. Well, "singleplayer mode."


You'd be forgiven for thinking that the first monster 2K showed off, Goliath, is the central focus of Evolve. After all, it's the one 2K pushed for months before showing off the Kraken, and it's the only one most people have played.

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12/18/2014 06:00 AM
Bring peace to your family gathering with a little Christmas radio on your Android phone

Ahhh, Christmas. Its that time of year when youre forced to endure your family for several consecutive days. Some of you may have effectively lifehacked your way out of these annual family gatherings, but I bet that most of you are probably getting on an airplane any day now to go listen to your grandmothers drunken ramblings for the next few days.

Dont fret. Ive got a solution: Its Christmas radio. Youd be surprised at how effective it is at shutting your family up and restoring peaceyou might even find that you like some of your family members. Thereare plenty of resources online where can you find both vintage and modern Christmas radio programs, and best of all, most Christmas apps and podcasts are free.

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12/18/2014 05:38 AM
Travel safely with your tech: How to prevent theft, loss and snooping on the road

When you travel, a whole fleet of electronics come with you. Smartphone and laptop are a given, but theres a good chance youre also toting a tablet, and maybe a cellular hotspot or dedicated GPS.

All of them are juicy targets for bad guys.Heres how to make sure your devices travels are just as safe as your own.

Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are essential. Theyre like an oasis in the disconnected desert when you run into their blessed signal in coffee shops, airports, or even public parks. But wide-open Wi-Fi hotspots can also be dangerous.

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12/18/2014 05:00 AM
The cord-cutter's guide to free (and legal!) TV streaming

In last week's Cord-Cutter Confidential, I highlighted the many streaming video options available to anyone who can mooch a pay-TV password.

But watching free, streaming video on your television doesn't have to be a morally dubious enterprise. As more people abandon their pay-TV services and the ridiculous prices that go with them, TV networks are putting more of their shows online where you can access them for free (well, you'll need broadband service and a streaming device or video-game console).

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12/18/2014 05:00 AM
Heartbleed, Shellshock, Tor and more: The 13 biggest security stories of 2014

12/17/2014 06:27 PM
Forensic software gets around Apple's iCloud security features

A Russian software company has updated its forensic software to work-around the security features Apple recently added to iCloud and increased what information can be extracted from the cloud storage service.

Elcomsofts Phone Breaker software now supports the two-factor authentication process Apple added to iOS 8 in September for accessing iCloud, Vladimir Katalov, CEO of the Moscow company, said Wednesday in a blog post.

The catch to using the software, which pulls files including photos, calendar information and call logs from iCloud, is that some information about the account is required to access the storage service, according to information on the companys website. Either an Apple ID, password and the second form of authentication or a binary authentication token are needed to use Phone Breaker.

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12/17/2014 06:10 PM
Sony cancels 'The Interview' release as terrorist threats follow crippling cyberattacks

Sony Pictures on Wednesday canceled the Dec. 25 release of its controversial comedy, The Interview, after theater chains decided not to play the film following terrorist threats after a cyber attack.

In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned Dec. 25 theatrical release, Sony said in a statement sent to reporters.

Sony Pictures has been the victim of an unprecedented criminal assault against our employees, our customers, and our business, the company said in the statement. Intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive proprietary material were stolen, Sony said, apparently to thwart the release of a movie that attackers did not like.

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12/17/2014 04:15 PM
Human error root cause of November Microsoft Azure outage

Human error was the culprit for a November outage of the Microsoft Azure cloud storage service. The company is hoping that recent updates that automate formerly manual processes will help prevent similar outages in the future.

Microsoft Azure had clear operating guidelines but there was a gap in the deployment tooling that relied on human decisions and protocol, wrote Jason Zander, Microsoft vice president for Azure, in a blog post Wednesday detailing the outage. With the tooling updates the policy is now enforced by the deployment platform itself.

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12/17/2014 04:00 PM
Uber envisions a safer ride in 2015

Uber, in 2015, is resolving to make its car hailing service safer, partly by enhancing its driver screening through the use of biometrics and voice verification.

As we look to 2015, we will build new safety programs and intensify others, said Philip Cardenas, Ubers head of global safety, in a blog post published Wednesday.

The new efforts include increasing the number of cities and countries where background checks are conducted, and improving communications with local officials and law enforcement. Specifically, Uber is developing custom tools for biometric and voice verification screening in key areas where the company is active.

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12/17/2014 03:35 PM
Obama pushes for net neutrality, opposes data localization in trade pact

President Barack Obamas administration is pushing two potentially controversial Internet policies in a secretive trade pact, with trade negotiators calling for other countries to adopt net neutrality provisions while rejecting policies requiring local storage of data in a secretive 50-country trade pact now being negotiated.

A leaked U.S. proposal from April would prohibit countries signing on to the Trade in Services Agreement [TISA] to reject policies requiring that data held by Internet companies and other service suppliers be held within a member countrys borders. A handful of nations have moved to require their own residents data to be stored within their own borders in response to recent revelations about widespread U.S. National Security Agency surveillance.

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12/17/2014 03:24 PM
BrandPost: Optimize your home network using these tools

Most of the focus on home networking is on the speed of the broadband connection from the ISP. Thats obviously an important factor, but most home networks include a variety of other elements that all contribute to the overall experience. The equipment you choose could enhance an otherwise sluggish broadband connection, or end up being a bottleneck that throttles your blazing fast broadband to a crawl.

Ensuring you have a strong connection and purchasing top-of-the-line equipment are two important steps to optimizing your setup, but they dont take you all the way; NAS (network attached storage) is also an important element of an efficient and convenient home network. A system like one of QNAPs TS-x51 Series keeps your important files and media in one safe and central spot, rounding out the optimal home network environment.

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