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Helping Computer Technicians Become Computer Business Owners

07/18/2014 02:27 AM
ManualsLib: End Your Search for Computer & Hardware Manuals

Ever had the need to find a manual for a job but couldn’t find it? Losing a manual happens all the time when it’s something that isn’t used on a regular basis. Using Google or another search engine takes time to sort through all the results which is a waste …

Source: ManualsLib: End Your Search for Computer & Hardware Manuals - Technibble

07/14/2014 02:49 AM
Fab’s AutoBackup 5 Pro Review

Fab’s AutoBackup 5 Pro is the newest version of Fab’s AutoBackup and includes some brand new features that make it a must have for most computer repair technicians. I’ve reviewed the program and it’s fantastic. Bryce wrote an excellent review of Fab’s Autobackup 4. The key function of this program …

Source: Fab’s AutoBackup 5 Pro Review - Technibble

07/10/2014 12:44 PM
How to Network For Referrals as a Computer Technician

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been established for a while, you’ll soon find out the importance of networking with others in the business community. Here are some ways to help your business grow through networking. The Importance of Networking If your business is anything like mine, you …

Source: How to Network For Referrals as a Computer Technician - Technibble

07/07/2014 09:29 AM
Why You Should Use Flat Rate Pricing as a Computer Technician

There’s no doubt about it, pricing strategies can make or break any service business. Rates that are too low will reflect badly on your services as well as probably leave you with unpaid bills and potential bankruptcy. Rates that are too high can chase customers away and give you a …

Source: Why You Should Use Flat Rate Pricing as a Computer Technician - Technibble

07/01/2014 04:50 PM
How To Find High Paying Computer Repair Clients

We’ve all probably had customers from the full range of clients, from those who let you finish the job and refuse to pay anything, to clients who receive the bill and then proceed to give you a large tip, perhaps 50% more of your invoice, because they’re so impressed with …

Source: How To Find High Paying Computer Repair Clients - Technibble

07/01/2014 06:25 AM
Focusing Exclusively on Residential Computer Repair Clients

While many technicians start with residential clients and have aspirations to graduate from them, there are some distinct advantages to staying within that business model. Moving from residential break-fix into corporate managed services isn’t your only career path. Ric wrote a few weeks ago about why he fired his residential …

Source: Focusing Exclusively on Residential Computer Repair Clients - Technibble

06/28/2014 08:49 AM
Turn Simple Jobs Into Marketing Opportunities

Many computer repair customers come into the shop or call you to fix a relatively simple issue, and you could fix the issue, hand them an invoice, get paid, and leave. You could also turn that simple job into a marketing opportunity. Handing them a business card is a start, …

Source: Turn Simple Jobs Into Marketing Opportunities - Technibble

06/26/2014 02:25 PM
CallThatGirls Remote Support Guide Sale – $29 for The Next Week

If you are a member of the Technibble forums, you probably have noticed Lisa from Call Girl talking often about remote support, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. She just completed her 4th eBook which is a full step by step eBook about how to migrating from pop/IMAP to Microsoft Exchange, …

Source: CallThatGirls Remote Support Guide Sale – $29 for The Next Week - Technibble

06/23/2014 09:11 AM
Keep Your Tech Toolkit Updated With Ketarin

In a previous article we talked about setting up a Tech Toolkit, and as we well know, the Tech industry is a constantly growing and evolving field. That means your portable apps and software needs to be constantly updated as well, or you’ll be carrying around outdated software tools. That …

Source: Keep Your Tech Toolkit Updated With Ketarin - Technibble

06/18/2014 06:40 AM
Putting a Tech Toolkit Together

Are you new to the computer repair industry? Perhaps you’re wondering, ‘How do I get started? What tools do I need? Do I need multiboot USB drives or a massive repair CD collection? Where do I get the tools?’ In this article we’ll take a look at some of the …

Source: Putting a Tech Toolkit Together - Technibble


07/22/2014 10:20 AM
Dating app Wyldfire tries to avoid creeps by letting women take the lead

Theres a new dating app trying to let in only the most desirable bachelors, by letting women choose who can join.

The app Wyldfire launched Tuesday in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., London, Boston and Chicago. Previously it was available only in beta in California. Its free for iOS. An Android version is in the works, said co-founder and CEO Brian Freeman.

Wyldfire was conceived following the online dating experiences of Freeman and co-founder Andrew White. Women they dated were often on the verge of deleting their profiles, partly because they were being bombarded by creepy messages from men.

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07/22/2014 10:20 AM
Tor Project working to fix weakness that can unmask users

Developers of Tor software believe theyve identified a weakness that was scheduled to be revealed at the Black Hat security conference next month that could be used to de-anonymize Tor users.

The Black Hat organizers recently announced that a talk entitled You Dont Have to be the NSA to Break Tor: Deanonymizing Users on a Budget by researchers Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord from Carnegie Mellon Universitys Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) was canceled at the request of the legal counsel of the universitys Software Engineering Institute because it had not been approved for public release.

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07/22/2014 09:44 AM
Chrome OS warms up to touchscreens with latest updates

Good new, touchscreen Chromebook owners: The latest stable version of Chrome OS now supports pinch-to-zoom on Web pages. This feature had only been available in the developer and beta Chrome OS channels before, though Chrome for Windows added pinch-to-zoom earlier this year.

Google is also launching a touch-enabled window manager for certain devices.

Until now, Chrome OS has only offered rudimentary touch support. But there are signs that Google is starting to take touch more seriously with its browser-based operating system.

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07/22/2014 09:30 AM
Hands-on with Xiaomi's Mi 4, a high-end handset with an iPhone-like look

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi jokes that its newest handset, built out of stainless steel, is like a kitchen knife, but iPhone-esque might be the better comparison.

The company Tuesday announced its latest flagship phone, the Mi 4, which is a cutting-edge device that comes at the attractive price of 1999 yuan ($324), when bought without carrier subsidies.

Although Xiaomi phones are mostly sold in China, the company is expanding internationally in the hope of becoming a global brand. We took a look at the Mi 4, to gauge whether Xiaomis newest phone is worthy of the buzz.

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07/22/2014 09:25 AM
Teradata acquires assets of Hadapt, Revelytix for big data

Teradata has bought the assets of Revelytix and Hadapt in a bid to grow out its capabilities for the Hadoop big-data processing framework.

Revelytix developed Loom, a metadata management system compatible with a number of Hadoop distributions, including those from Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Pivotal, IBM and Apache, according to its website. Loom is geared at helping data scientists prepare information in Hadoop for analysis more quickly.

Meanwhile, Hadapt is known for its software that integrates the SQL programming language with Hadoop. SQL is a common skill set among database administrators, who may not be familiar with Hadoop.

Last week, Teradata rival Oracle announced Big Data SQL, software that makes it possible to run a single SQL query against Oracles relational database as well as Hadoop and various NoSQL information stores.

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07/22/2014 09:10 AM
Verizon revenue rises steadily, driven by wireless service growth

Record numbers of new tablet users, and the first rise in fixed-line revenue in seven years, drove Verizon Communications second-quarter revenue up 5.7 percent year on year, it reported Tuesday.

Revenue for the quarter ended June 30 totaled US$31.5 billion, up from $29.8 billion a year earlier.

Wireless services continued to contribute the bulk of the companys revenue and growth, rising 5.9 percent to $18.1 billion, from $17.1 billion a year earlier. The company signed up 1.4 million net new retail postpaid customers, 1.15 million of them tablet users. That takes the companys total number of retail connections to 104.6 million, 75 percent of them smartphone users.

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07/22/2014 08:58 AM
Leaked 'Windows 9' screenshots reveal more detail about reborn Start Menu

It's no secret that an upcoming Windows update codenamed 'Threshold' will herald the return of the Start menu and allow Metro apps to operate in windowed mode. Heck, the image above came straight from Microsoft itself. But whenever fresh screenshots of the interface show up it's always worth taking a look. recently nabbed two screenshots from a purported recent build of Threshold, which is expected to be called Windows 9 when it debuts in 2015. Right now, however, these internal builds are labeled Windows 8.1 Proa fact that Neowin noted earlier in July when it also nabbed a screenshot of the Start menu.

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07/22/2014 08:25 AM
Members of UK Parliament call for judicial review of data retention law

Two members of the British Parliament are seeking judicial review of a surveillance law that extends U.K. data retention rules and was rushed through by the government.

David Davis and Tom Watson are working with U.K. human rights organization Liberty to get the law reviewed, the organization said Tuesday.

Liberty contends that the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014, also known as DRIP, which was adopted last week, is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which cover fundamental privacy rights.

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07/22/2014 08:14 AM
Xiaomi announces $13 fitness-focused smartband that can also unlock your phone

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is bringing its low-price strategy to wearables, and offering a smart wristband that will sell for a mere $13, the company announced on Tuesday.

I believe this wristband will very soon become the worlds best selling wristband, said Xiaomis CEO Lei Jun during a product launch.

Called the Mi Band, the device is meant mainly to be a fitness tracker with a 30-day battery life. But when worn, the wristband can also automatically unlock the users smartphone when in close proximity. This gets rid of the annoying need to always input your password into your handset, Lei said.

The first time I tried Xiaomis wristband, I couldnt put it down, he added. Once you start using a wristband to unlock your phone, you wont go back.

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07/22/2014 08:00 AM
Corral your contacts with Simpler, Contacts+, and more

It can be easy to forget that, at its heart, your phone is a phonea device meant for connecting you to your contacts. And while it comes with its own contact manager, that isnt always the best option. Here are several appsmost of them available for freethat take contact management to the next level.

Cobook Contacts

Mac OS, iOS; free

cobook Cobook

Cobook Contacts lets you initiate a phone call with a flick of the screen.

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07/22/2014 08:00 AM
Hands-on with Nvidia's Shield tablet: A slick experience, on the small and big screen

Notebooks optimized for hardcore gaming have competed with desktop PCs for years. Now Nvidia promises to takes gaming to the next logical step: the tablet.

Nvidia announced its 8-inch, Android-based Shield tablet Tuesday, with a price tag starting at $299. The Shield will ship July 29 in the United States and Canada, with availability in Europe and Asia planned for later this year.

An optional $59 wireless controller is really a necessity if youre using the tablet for gaming. Most buyers will want the $39 cover that also serves as a kickstand, too. (Nvidia's existing handheld gaming device, the$300 Shieldhas been renamed the Shield Portable.)

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07/22/2014 07:55 AM
Researchers reveal 3 devious ways online trackers shatter your privacy and follow your digital footsteps

Three stealthy tracking mechanisms designed to avoid weaknesses in browser cookies pose potential privacy risks to Internet users, a new research paper has concluded.

The methodsknown as canvas fingerprinting, evercookies and cookie syncingare in use across a range of popular websites. The findings, first reported by Pro Publica, show how such tracking is important for targeted advertising but that the privacy risks may be unknown to all but the most sophisticated web users.

Profiling Web users, such as knowing what Web pages a person has visited before, is a central component of targeted advertising, which matches advertisements with topics a person may be interested in. It is key to charging higher rates for advertisements.

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07/22/2014 07:15 AM
ARM's chip licensing revenue and profit keep on rising

ARM Holdings chip licensing business continues to grow, the company said, reporting year-on-year increases in second-quarter profit and revenue.

Revenue for the quarter totalled 187.1 million (US$309.6 million) for the quarter, up from 171.2 million a year earlier, according to International Financial Reporting Standards. Profit rose to 68 million from 15 million a year earlier.

During the quarter, the company signed 41 additional processor licenses, for applications including mobile computing, consumer electronics and embedded intelligent devices, taking the total number of licenses over 1,100.

The company does not manufacture or sell chips itself, making its money from licensing its processor core designs to other companies for inclusion in their chips, and from per-chip royalties for devices manufactured using its technology.

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07/22/2014 07:02 AM
Black Hat presentation on unmasking TOR users suddenly cancelled

A presentation on a low-budget method to unmask users of a popular online privacy tool, TOR, will no longer go ahead at the Black Hat security conference early next month.

The talk was nixed by the legal counsel with Carnegie Mellons Software Engineering Institute after a finding that materials from researcher Alexander Volynkin were not approved for public release, according to a notice on the conferences website.

Its rare but not unprecedented for Black Hat presentations to be cancelled. It was not clear why lawyers felt Volynkins presentation should not proceed.

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07/22/2014 06:57 AM
AirMagnet's Wi-Fi security tool takes aim at rogue drones

In its quest to help enterprises seek out and neutralize all threats to their Wi-Fi networks, AirMagnet is now looking to the skies.

In a free software update to its AirMagnet Enterprise product last week, the Wi-Fi security division of Fluke Networks added code specifically crafted to detect the Parrot AR Drone, a popular unmanned aerial vehicle that costs a few hundred dollars and can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Drones themselves dont pose any special threat to Wi-Fi networks, and AirMagnet isnt issuing air pistols to its customers to shoot them down. The reason the craft are dangerous is that they can be modified to act as rogue APs (access points) and sent into range of a victims wireless network, potentially breaking into a network to steal data, according to Greg Rayburn, a security analyst at AirMagnet.

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07/22/2014 06:50 AM
Virtru launches business email encryption service for Google Apps

Email encryption startup Virtru has launched a version of its service for businesses using Google Apps, a market segment that the company thinks is showing increased interest in secure communications.

Google Apps has some 30 million users, which is growing as companies become more comfortable with software-as-a-service, said Virtru co-founder John Ackerly.

Virtru aims to make email encryption easier to set up and use. It uses a browser extension to encrypt content and attachments, which can be sent through mainstream email providers such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.

The service also allows for fine control over messages. The encryption key for a message can be revoked, cutting off access. Message forwarding can also be restricted by managing access to its decryption key. Messages can also be tagged with an expiration time.

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07/22/2014 05:00 AM
Meet your second car: How the small, slender, $6800 Elio seeks a bigger audience
But how many shopping bags can you fit in this thing? Not many.
07/22/2014 05:00 AM
Google Docs: 3 incredibly useful tools for edits and revisions

Google's cloud productivity suite, whatever you want to call it, has been making inroads in the world of work and collaboration. And it's not just because there's no software to install, it auto-saves your work, and it's free. The recentsurge in Chromebook sales also means users are looking to get work done with web applications more than ever.

While it still can't stand toe-to-toe with the standard-setting Microsoft Word, the Docs app is no slouch when it comes to writing and editing documents, and its collaboration tools are better in many respects. Here are three features you'll definitely want to use to reap the greatest benefit from Docs.

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07/21/2014 10:55 PM
Goodwill Industries investigates suspected payment card breach

Goodwill Industries International said Monday federal authorities are investigating a possible payment card breach at its U.S.-based retail outlets.

The nonprofit agency, which sells donated goods to fund employment programs, was notified on Friday, according to a statement from Lauren Lawson-Zilai, Goodwills director of public relations. The U.S. Secret Service is investigating along with payment card industry fraud units.

A number of large retail companies have been affected by aggressive campaigns by hackers seeking to compromise point-of-sale (POS) terminals, the computerized cash registers that process payment card transactions.

Such systems were involved in data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels. In those cases, malicious software was installed on the terminals and collected payment card details.

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07/21/2014 10:00 PM
BrandPost: How private NAS beats the public cloud for small business

The public cloud offers extra features like automated offsite backup but did you know you can get these things and more with a private cloud solution as well? Heres a look at three ways private NAS setups are becoming a preferable option for small businesses.

Opening the Door for Affordable Virtualization Services

NAS has come a long way since its origin as a system for secure, on-site data storage. Todays NAS devices can serve as platforms for virtualization services that would otherwise require expensive and complex hardware to manage. The opportunity to take advantage of NAS as a more economic alternative to a pricey contract with a company like VMWare is a huge benefit for small businesses.

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