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Helping Computer Technicians Become Computer Business Owners

04/20/2015 04:26 PM
Making Time for Business in your Computer Repair Business

Computer repair businesses are often smaller operations owned by people who like repairing computers. The business aspects are an annoying nuisance. Nonetheless, if you neglect them, you can’t grow your business, and you might even find yourself in some legal hot water. Here’s a template for you to start with. …

Source: Making Time for Business in your Computer Repair Business - Technibble

04/14/2015 05:41 AM
Computer Forensics After a Client Dies

When a loved one dies, it’s hard enough already for a family. When key information is trapped inside a computer or mobile phone, families rely on us to do some computer forensics. If you know how to handle these situations in advance, you’ll get increased revenue and client satisfaction. Treat …

Source: Computer Forensics After a Client Dies - Technibble

04/02/2015 08:23 AM
Finding a Niche For Your Computer Business

The buzzword ‘niche’ has been around for a long time in marketing circles, but it’s something you can apply to your Tech business in your community as well. For instance, perhaps your competition, if you have any, doesn’t focus on any one demographic, but just offers general services. Or they …

Source: Finding a Niche For Your Computer Business - Technibble

03/22/2015 10:05 PM
Help Your Clients File Insurance Claims for Computer Equipment

Residential and business computer repair clients have mishaps that result in damaged, destroyed or missing equipment. Clients rely on their computer repair professionals as technology experts to help file insurance claims. Helping clients with insurance claims gets them back up and running and keeps them loyal to you. Types of …

Source: Help Your Clients File Insurance Claims for Computer Equipment - Technibble

03/18/2015 08:06 AM
Retire Your Boot Disks With Easy2Boot and Boot Your System Like A Pro

Guest post by David Goodwin Want to Play a Big Game of Frisbee with Your Outdated DVD Boot Disks? Well, Now You Can! Just consolidate all of your utilities and installation ISOs on a USB flash or HDD with Easy2Boot. Easy2Boot makes it possible to have a single device that …

Source: Retire Your Boot Disks With Easy2Boot and Boot Your System Like A Pro - Technibble

03/11/2015 10:19 PM
How to Market a Computer Business in a Small Town

Starting up and managing a business in a small town can be a challenge. Small towns often have tight knit business and social networks that it can be hard to break into, as new businesses can often be seen as unwelcome competition for existing businesses. This occurs even though new …

Source: How to Market a Computer Business in a Small Town - Technibble

03/09/2015 07:37 PM
Seeking Managed Service Writers at Technibble

As we continue to expand at Technibble, we are looking for writers to join our team to write about Managed Services. We are only looking for the right people, people who are in it for the long term. I realize that some people have a lot of time and other …

Source: Seeking Managed Service Writers at Technibble - Technibble

03/03/2015 07:51 AM
Which Mobile Devices Are Worth Repairing?

This is a question that is asked quite often when it comes to mobile device repair, and it’s being asked with increasing frequency as Techs are seeing budget devices at very low prices being introduced into the consumer market. This isn’t the sort of question that would be answered by …

Source: Which Mobile Devices Are Worth Repairing? - Technibble

02/23/2015 12:56 AM
Using Your Home Office to Compete with Brick and Mortar Stores

When you’re first beginning in the computer repair business, you usually start from a home office. If your town already has a brick and mortar computer repair store, you first thought would be that you are at a competitive disadvantage. They have the big shop that everyone sees. Don’t worry …

Source: Using Your Home Office to Compete with Brick and Mortar Stores - Technibble

02/15/2015 11:56 PM
Dealing With Clients Who Want Free Tech Support

After you’ve been in the Tech industry for a while, you’ll probably find a few of these. They’re clients or maybe even potential clients who view your actual services as unnecessary or undesirable but require your expertise and advice so they can solve their computer or device issues on their …

Source: Dealing With Clients Who Want Free Tech Support - Technibble


04/25/2015 01:18 PM
Google removes Nexus 7 from its store, but the Nexus 9 lives on

If you were looking to buy a Nexus 7, youre out of luck as Googles 7-inch tablet is no longer available for purchase from Googles online store.

If you visit the Nexus 7 page on the Google Store, youll be presented with a message stating that the Nexus 7 is no longer available for purchase.Its unclear as of this writing whether Google has discontinued the Nexus 7 outright, or whether its merely out of stock or is planning to release a refreshed version.

At the time of its release in 2013, we praised the current Nexus 7 as the best 7-inch tablet that money can buy, and especially liked its sharp, vibrant 1280 by 1920-resolution screen. The Nexus 7 hasnt received an update since then, however, so given the tablets age, it wouldnt come as a shock if Google stopped production.

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04/25/2015 11:00 AM
Internet steady in Nepal after earthquake but last-mile connectivity an issue

The Internet is playing an important role in communications in Nepal after a devastating earthquake, as phone links were choked by the large number of people trying to connect.

Internet service was disrupted after the earthquake hit near the capital city of Kathmandu on Saturday and cloud services provider Akamai said its traffic to the country saw a steep decline just after 6:00 UTC.

Nepal Telecom survived the earthquake while smaller Internet service providers experienced outages, Internet performance monitoring company Dyn said. It had earlier reported that the earthquake had rattled the Internet in the country.

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04/25/2015 08:30 AM
Developer coaxes Amazon Echo's Alexa into talking with Nest and Wink

Ever since Amazon announced the release of an SDK (software development kit) for its Echo interactive speaker early last month, weve been salivating at the prospect of using Alexa (Echos built-in virtual assistant) as a smart-home factotum. It appears some of the developers with access to the SDK are thinking along the same lines.

One such developer is Holland, Massachusetts-based web engineer Jeffrey Bachand, who has come forward with a video of him using Echo to control his Nest Learning Thermostat and Wink smart-home hub. In the 71-second YouTube video, first reported on by Engadget, Bachand can be heard bombarding Alexa with a barrage of commands: open Wink, turn the living room [lights] off, open Nest, turn it [the temperature] down, and so on. On each occasion, Alexa does exactly as told.

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04/25/2015 06:30 AM
Debian 8.0 'Jessie' is out and even Microsoft is celebrating

The wait is over. Debian 8.0Jessiewill be released on April 25, after a nearly two-year development cycle for the next release of this long-standing Linux distribution.

Microsoft is even throwing Debian a birthday party, complete with cake. Sure, its basically just an advertisement for Microsofts Azure cloud-computing platform, but its still amusing.

Software, security, and desktop updates

As usualwith every Linux distribution, reallythe biggest changes youll notice are package updates.

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04/24/2015 07:20 PM
Starbucks hit by major computer failure

Starbucks suffered what appears to be a major computer system failure late Friday.

Stores in Boston, New York, San Diego and other cities appeared to be affected, judging from hundreds of customer and employee posts on Twitter. Some stores are giving away drinks, are only accepting cash, or have closed, according to the messages.

In San Francisco, an employee at one store said they were giving away free drinks, though he did not offer many other details. He said he was not sure when service would be restored.

Starbucks did not immediately respond to telephone calls and emails requesting comment.

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04/24/2015 04:49 PM
New version of Google Glass to get makeover from Italian eyewear maker Luxottica

Luxottica, the Italian eyewear maker that owns Ray-Ban and Oakley, is working with Google to design a new version of Glass, its CEO said Friday.

The disclosure is a further indication that Google Glass, which is still being sold to business, will be revived at some point as a product for consumers.

Luxottica is working with Google on a second version of Glass, and the online giant is also rethinking how a future model might look, Massimo Vian, one of Luxotticas two CEOs, told shareholders in Milan.

In Google, there are some second thoughts on how to interpret version 3 [of the eyewear]. What you saw was version 1. Were now working on version 2, which is in preparation, Vian said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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04/24/2015 04:33 PM
How Acer plans to go after hardcore gamers

A year ago, Acer was struggling and Jason Chen, its newly appointed CEO, thought the company could stay afloat by cutting its reliance on PCs and expanding in wearables and mobile devices. In view of the success of its Chromebooks and the pending release of Microsofts Windows 10, however, Chen is now doubling down on PCs.

Chen is interested in gamers, in particular. The company wants to offer premium gaming products that could compete with desktop PCs from boutique companies like Origin PC and Falcon Northwest. In a flat PC market, gaming is a bright spot, and Acer is planning to release products that Chen says could appeal to the most avid gamer.

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04/24/2015 04:06 PM
Dungeons 2 review: Almost the Dungeon Keeper 3 you've been waiting for

I dont really want to spend most of my Dungeons 2 review discussing the mobile game/extortion attempt/mockery that EA put out a few years back and slapped with the name Dungeon Keeper in order to prey on peoples nostalgia for the classic PC game. Mainly because I never want to think about that piece of garbage ever again.

So I wont. Suffice it to say, Dungeons 2 is better than that pseudo-Dungeon Keeper racket.

But that bar couldnt be lower if the person holding the bar got stabbed in the gut by EA, fell down a conveniently placed flight of stairs into a basement, and then carried the bar six feet further down into a freshly-dug grave.

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04/24/2015 03:40 PM
Facebook's impressive aerial photo highlights confusion over drone regulations

When Facebook expanded into a new campus in late March, the company released a stunning aerial photo of the site captured from a drone. In taking the picture, Facebook almost certainly broke two FAA regulations governing drone use.

The social network isnt alone in its carelessness. Drone use has taken off quickly among both businesses and individuals, and many peopleeven sophisticated technology companiesapparently are not fully aware of the rules.

The Facebook image was captured by a DJI drone at what appears to be several hundred feet above a corner of its new campus in Menlo Park, California. The building sits about 2 miles from Palo Alto Airporteasily within the 5-mile zone in which drone operators must obtain permission from an airport before conducting a flight.

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04/24/2015 03:00 PM
Five to Try: Facebook's phone dialer says Hello, and Does Not Commute does charm
Here's another fresh selection of Android apps and games to check out this week.
04/24/2015 02:50 PM
Friday is your last chance to comment on the FAA's drone regulations

The U.S. will take another step towards regular commercial flight of drones on Friday when the Federal Aviation Administration closes a two-month public comment period on proposed rules.

Over 3,600 comments have been submitted as part of the process, which seeks feedback on regulations that would allow companies to fly drones, provided they remain within line of sight, stay below 400 feet and dont fly over people. Drones also cant be flown within 5 miles of an airport, unless the airport has been notified and given clearance for the flight.

Currently, commercial operation of unmanned aircraft is banned unless a company applies for and gets a special waiver, but the new rules will change that. They are expected to enter force in late 2016 or early 2017.

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04/24/2015 02:06 PM
Yep, that's the Android mascot peeing on Apple in Google Maps

04/24/2015 01:15 PM
This week in games: GTA V mods, the Alan Wake 2 that could have been, and more

Some weeks, Friday rolls around and its time for our weekly gaming digest Missing Pieces and I panic because Im left scraping the bottom of the barrel after a bunch of slow news days.

And then sometimes (okay, one time, and its this week) I go on vacation for a few days, and suddenly Missing Pieces balloons into basically all my writing and the news gets out of control andwell, what Im saying is strap in, because weve got a ton to cover today.

John Cena raps about the Commodore 64, a man shoots his blue-screened computer (like with a gun), Polygon shows off an Alan Wake 2 prototype well never play, and Mad Max gets an insane in-game trailerthis is gaming news for the week of April 20.

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04/24/2015 01:15 PM
US drone completes first in-flight refueling

The U.S. military has successfully demonstrated what it says is the first ever in-flight refueling of an unmanned aircraft, and in doing so completed a flight test program that leads to a new generation of military drones due to take flight in the 2020s.

The refueling was conducted on April 22 in the Atlantic Test Range, off the coast of Maryland and Virginia. There, an X-47B autonomous aircraft automatically maneuvered itself to mate with the refueling probe trailing a K-707 tanker aircraft and receive over 4,000 pounds of fuel, the U.S. Navy said.

(See video of the refueling on IDG.TV)

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04/24/2015 01:08 PM
Google's desktop search can now send directions right to your Android phone or tablet

Its now super easy to send directions straight to the Google Maps app on your Android device.

All you have to do is type send directions on the Google search page or in a Chrome tab and it will launch a map interface, complete with autosuggestions for typing in where you want to go.

Your Android devices will be available from a dropdown menu: once youve selected the destination, just click the send directions link.

send directions Google+

Google has made it incredibly simple to get directions on your phone.

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04/24/2015 01:00 PM
Camio turns your spare phone or tablet into Dropcam

For all their out-of-the-box convenience, advanced features and constant improvements, cloud cameras such as Dropcam and Netcam HD arent exactly the cheapest home-surveillance option. In addition to the upfront cost of the unit itself, theres usually a recurring fee for cloud storage. But what if you could get your webcam or a spare iOS or Android device to work like Dropcam?

You can do just that with Camio, a cloud-based service that transforms smartphones, tablets and PCs into smart monitoring devices, complete with live streaming, motion detection, alerts, and more. Where it truly shines, however, is in the cloud recording department and the various ways in which it allows you to access your recordings.

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04/24/2015 10:59 AM
Twitter launches Highlights, a twice-daily package of curated tweets

Twitter wants to turn down the information firehose, offering to remix the days tweets into a more pleasant serving.

Thats the plan behind Highlights, a feature launching today on Androidand yes, its launching first on Android. Up to twice a day youll get a push alert that pulls together tweets that Twitter thinks youll be interested in seeing. Youll also have access to Highlights inside of the Twitter app.

04/24/2015 10:50 AM
What happens when computer science conferences go 'Gangnam Style'

Those who hand out the Ig Nobel prizes, awarded for the most outlandish scientific research, would do well to check up on CHI.

At the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul this week, there was no shortage of bizarre projects and concepts, all undertaken to innovate the way we use computers and information technology. Since it was held down the road from the Gangnam district of Gangnam Style fame, there may have been something in the air.

From Germanys Hasso Plattner Institute, there was Level-Ups, a pair of boots attached to mechanical stilts. At the swipe of a smartphone screen, metal trusses in the stilts extend with a scissor mechanism, instantly giving the wearer about 13cm more height.

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04/24/2015 10:46 AM
Consumer groups dance on the grave of Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal

Consumer groups are cheering the news that Comcast abandoned its proposed US$45 billion acquisition of fellow cable and broadband provider Time Warner Cable, saying its good for customers and demonstrates the power of Internet activism.

Comcasts decision, announced Friday, would have taken away a major cable and broadband provider in the U.S., critics of the deal argued.

The only competition consumers would have had in their living rooms if this mega-merger had gone forward would be who handles the remote control, Senator Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, said in a statement. Combining Comcast and Time Warner Cable would have created a corporate colossi, hampering consumer choice, competition and innovation in both the broadband and pay TV marketplace.

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04/24/2015 10:03 AM
Signs of the first Windows 10 Lumia phone emerge

Microsoft wont sell its first flagship Windows 10 phone until at least this summer, but maybe well hear about it sooner.

AdDuplex, a company that serves cross-promotional ads on Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, says its detected recent activity from a new Microsoft Lumia handset. Details are scarce, but the phone seems to have a 5.7-inch, 1080p display, and runs Windows 10 exclusively.

Normally, wed take this kind of report with a hefty grain of salt, but AdDuplex has proven capable of sniffing out unannounced Windows Phones in the past. In February, the firm detected several mid-range and low-end Lumia phones, which Microsoft officially announced within the following month.

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